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The following are a few key areas that LSG can assist your organization.

HIPAA Information Technology (IT) Security Compliance Assessment

Lone Star Graphics, Inc will assess how your organization’s IT security program supports your HIPAA security policy and statements.  Our approach includes the following areas:

     Review of how documented policies and procedures related to IT security align to these statements and support your overall HIPAA compliance. We conduct interviews of key IT staff and compliance personnel to understand how established procedures are implemented and policy is developed.

     Conduct interviews of key personnel to understand training and awareness relating to the protection of HIPAA covered materials.  We will perform an onsite assessment of current practices of staff related to the protection of ePHI.

     Assess current access controls to both applications as well as physical or hard copy records.

     Review current people, processes, and technology related to ongoing logging, auditing, and monitoring of security related events on systems and across the network.

Network Architecture Design Assessment

Every organization’s network is dynamic. Accessibility to data and the network resources on which that data resides is being continually place under tremendous pressures. Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of that data is critical to all organizations.  How a network is architected is the first line of defense. 

LSG reviews network designs from a security perspective.

     Where devices/systems are placed?

     How are critical systems/applications protected in the design?

     Are devices/systems securely configured?

     Is wireless access integrated into the design?

     How is the WLAN secured?

     Is the WLAN segmented from the main network?


Risk Assessments

Knowing what information you have, where it resides, and how important it truly is to an organization is crucial for focusing limited information technology resources.  LSG performs risk based assessments to uncover the most critical assets that an organization requires to continue to deliver to clients, patients, customers. Gaining insight into how an organization functions, how key stakeholders within the organization use information and how they perceive data protection, where the information resides and how those systems are protected provide the basis for improving a security posture.

Attack and Penetration Tests

With no prior knowledge of your company network, LSG will assess your current security controls and configurations by performing a real world assessment utilizing common “hacker” tools and techniques. This assessment is a path of least resistance approach to identifying your computer system and application security weaknesses and can be conducted on Internet facing systems or systems only accessible by individuals internal to your organization, such as employees, contractors, suppliers, or vendors.. This will provide you insight into your current controls, general security posture, as well as potential root cause analysis of underlying process, technology, and/or organizational exposures.



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